Five Minutes with…Eric Miller, CEO Avi-on, Bluetooth Lighting Controls

Eric Miller-CEO Avi-on Labs, Inc, Bluetooth Lighting
Eric Miller-CEO Avi-on Labs, Inc

Connecting home appliances, such as lighting to the Internet of Things is supposed to be a no-brainer for the consumer. If that’s not the case, then the technology probably isn’t going to fly. I’ve seen lots of different schemes employing various wireless technologies to maker the connection. The latest that I’ve come across is Bluetooth, but using a mesh topology, offered by Avi-on Labs. That technology was on display recently at CES, where I encountered Avi-on’s Co-Founder and CEO Eric Miller. Eric joined me for this week’s Five Minutes with…discussion.
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About Avi-on Labs

Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control products offer a professional grade implementation of Bluetooth® with Mesh—the latest technology from one of the world’s most recognized and widely adopted brands. Through its own innovative products and partnerships, Avi-on is changing the way the world wires and controls spaces.


Why Bluetooth with Mesh?

Products powered by Avi-on have Bluetooth’s simplicity, plus Mesh’s virtually limitless network range. Bluetooth® with Mesh offers ultra-low power consumption, high security, and the ability to control multiple devices at the same time. This gives Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting controls the features and benefits that other lighting control products just can’t match.