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Avi-on Pro Controls

Avi-on's proprietary app-cloud-firmware technology extends the functionality of Bluetooth Smart™ and CSRmesh™ architecture, delivering wired performance without wires. Avi-on's integrated platform enables major manufacturers to bring beautiful connected products to market in less than six months. The Avi-on platform is powering a complete line of GE-branded Bluetooth Smart products, manufactured by Jasco Products.

Avi-on Pro, An Ecosystem of Products

The Avi-on Pro lighting control product line includes amazing products from brands and manufacturers from around the world:
  • On-fixture controls from leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • In-wall and plug-in smart switches and dimmers
  • Remote Access Bridge provides optional global access
  • Movable Switches add convenience and expand accessibility
  • Outdoor Lighting Stakes, compatible with most outdoor landscape fixtures
  • Motion and light sensors (coming soon)

"As a builder, one of the benefits to using the Avi-on product is not only saving money but also saving resources. Resources like copper wire—a pretty valuable resource and very expensive when you're building a home. If you're able to save, for example, 30% of your wire by using a Bluetooth Avi-on switch, it becomes very beneficial."

–Todd Evans, Owner, BlackDog Builders

 The Avi-on Story

A Proven Turnkey Lighting & Sensor Platform for Manufacturers

Avi-on Software + Modules power the largest Bluetooth® Smart and CSRmesh® lighting ecosystem in the world. With over 25 integrations, join the global standard in simple lighting controls.

Avi-on's Plug & Play ecosystem is a complete lighting control network using only Bluetooth Smart chips, your smartphone and a secure cloud.

Avi-on Pro Controls

Why Bluetooth® with Mesh

Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control products offer a professional grade implementation of Bluetooth® with Mesh—the latest technology from one of the world’s most recognized and widely adopted brands. Products powered by Avi-on have Bluetooth’s simplicity, plus Mesh’s virtually limitless network range.

Bluetooth® with Mesh offers ultra-low power consumption, high security, and the ability to control multiple devices at the same time. This gives Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting controls the features and benefits that other lighting control products just can’t match.

 The Avi-on Story

Get Started With Avi-on

Simplicity and an extremely speedy development process is at the heart of Avi-on’s manufacturing process. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Avi-on ecosystem and the Bluetooth with Mesh architecture for your smart controls and products, get started today with the Avi-on Integration Kit.

Avi-on - Go Green

Go Be Green By Going Blue

Avi-on's Bluetooth® with Mesh solution consumes the least amount of power—among competing wireless solutions in the IoT space—and only transmits data when a user requests a change to the system (e.g., turns on a light or modifies a schedule, etc). Combined with the powerful scheduling capabilities of an Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control system, the energy savings for residential and commercial users really adds up.

 The Avi-on Story

Support when you need it

Avi-on professional products are part of a complete lighting control ecosystem that includes a first-class mobile application, cloud services for all of your account services and settings, a variety of high-end hardware and white glove technical support.

Although provisioning and set up of all Avi-on products is built to be simple and user-friendly, Avi-on offers training and help when you need it.

If you are looking for training on professional provisioning and set up, contact our sales team for available schedules and times or contact us through or support portal for technical support. 
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Partner With Avi-on

Avi-on Certified Partner Program

Our manufacturing partners are looking to create a simple speedy development process. Avi-on partners with major brands like Jasco, ERP, GE, and Qualcommm to bring you proven, turnkey LED drivers, components, and finished products. Avi-on is a utility-grade software platform designed to keep your products running for years. Reliable, interoperable, and easy to use. With Avi-on, it’s simple.

  • Bluetooth
  • Qualcomm
  • ERP
  • CSRMesh
  • Jasco