Avi-on 5-Way Lighitng Controls

Lighting Controls

The Avi-on 5-Way Lighting Control System allows you to control spaces in ways that best you work- and life-style.

  • Voice Control – Amazon Echo adds convenience and flexibility while integrating the Avi-on Pro system with dozens of other compatible home and office automation devices.

  • Local and Global Control – The Avi-on iOS/Android apps and optional Avi-on Pro Remote Access Bridge give you 24/7 control from anywhere in the world.

  • Wireless Control – With Avi-on Pro Movable Smart Dimmers and Scene Controllers, you can add controls anywhere in the space without additional wiring.

  • Sensor Control – Occupancy and ambient light sensors add convenience, safety, and energy savings to any lighting system.

  • In-Wall Control – Avi-on Pro Smart in-wall switches and dimmers stay synchronized with wireless, sensor, voice and other controls. Use them to temporarily override schedules and scenes.

Avi-on Remote Access Bridge

Introducing The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge

The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge gives you the power to use your Avi-on network from anywhere. Access your Avi-on Bluetooth Smart and Mesh network by simply connecting the Bridge to your wi-fi router.

The Bridge provides the security of knowing what lights are on or off anytime, the convenience of remotely updating your schedules, and keeps the timers in your network in sync with global clocks. The Bridge creates a secure connection between you and your devices that only you can use.

Avi-on Movable Switch

Rewire without wires with the Movable Switch by Avi-on

The Avi-on Pro Movable Switch lets you to relocate existing switches, or mount new switches anywhere in your home or office—without having to change or add wiring in your walls. Use it with Avi-on smart switches and dimmers to add multi-way functionality and add wireless control to any light or group of lights. Mount the movable switch to any surface to add convenience and increase user accessibility.

GE In-Wall Smart Switch

Control at your fingertips with the GE In-Wall Smart Switch

Powered by Avi-on's simple Bluetooth Smart Mesh lighting controls platform, the GE Brand In-Wall Smart Switch allows you to wirelessly schedule and control lights from your smartphone or tablet. Simply replace an existing in-wall switch with this standard mounting In-Wall Smart Switch, and you can add Avi-on's scheduling, timing and countdown functionality to any wired circuit.

“A lot of people want lighting control systems. The problem is they're very expensive. The beauty of Avi-on is that it's very affordable. You start by downloading the app on your phone from the app store. The app pretty much walks you through step by step how to install and add the devices. You can set levels of lighting and set all kinds of modes for what you want all the lights to do in your house.”

–Dave Sheldon, Alpenglow Solar & Electric

GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer

Set the mood with the GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer

Replace a standard in-wall dimmer switch with the GE Brand In-Wall Smart Dimmer and wirelessly schedule, control and dim an individual circuit of lights from your smartphone or tablet. Install the In-Wall Smart Dimmer and claim it with the Avi-on app - available on either iOS or Android - and you have now added wireless controls for ON/OFF, dimming, scheduling, countdown timing and sunrise/sunset functionality.

GE Outdoor Smart Switch

Conquer your yard with the GE Outdoor Smart Switch

One of our most popular products, the GE Brand Plug-in Wireless Outdoor Smart Switch allows you to wirelessly configure, schedule and control your outdoor landscape features like yard lighting, exterior house lighting and water features with ease. The Outdoor Switch enables you to schedule when your outdoor lights and landscape features are on and off, allowing you to save electricity and lower your monthly bills by eliminating excess usage as well as the convenience of never having to step outside.

GE Plug-In Smart Switch

Smart in seconds with the GE Plug-In Smart Switch

With simple set up and lots of great features, the GE Brand Plug-in Smart Switch allows you to wirelessly schedule and control any wired electrical device from your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily.

GE Plug-In Smart Dimmer

Brighten your space with the GE Plug-In Smart Dimmer

Just plug a dimmable lamp into the Smart Dimmer, claim it with the Avi-on app and you have a lamp with ON/OFF, dimming, scheduling, countdown timer, and sunrise/sunset functions in seconds.

  • Bluetooth
  • Qualcomm
  • ERP
  • CSRMesh
  • Jasco