Avi-on Professional Lighitng Controls
Avi-on Professional Lighitng Controls

Lighting Controls

Avi-on Pro lighting controls offer luxury residential and commercial features at a competitive price-point.

  • Easy to Install – Avi-on devices install just like regular switches and fixtures, with no need for control wiring, centralized controllers, or specialized programming.

  • Easy to Change – The drag-and-drop simplicity of the Avi-on app allows you to quickly create or change groups, scenes, and schedules at no extra expense.

  • Easy to Live With – People want to use switches not phones to turn on their lights. With 5-Way Controls, people can personalize their lighting to fit their work- or life-style.

Onsite Provisioning and Long-Term Support

Want a White Glove Service experience? Ask us about onsite provisioning and long-term support. Avi-on Pro offers wireless multi-way switching and a full array of switches, occupancy and ambient light sensors--plus outdoor and area lighting product options—all integrated into one easy-to-use package.

Avi-on Pro, An Ecosystem of Products

The Avi-on Pro lighting control product line includes amazing products from brands and manufacturers from around the world:
  • On-fixture controls from leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • In-wall and plug-in smart switches and dimmers
  • Remote Access Bridge provides optional global access
  • Movable Switches add convenience and expand accessibility
  • Outdoor Lighting Stakes, compatible with most outdoor landscape fixtures
  • Motion and light sensors (coming soon)

Simple & Flexible

Avi-on Pro Bluetooth® lighting controls are easy to install—just like regular switches and fixtures. Once installed, Avi-on iOS and Android apps make grouping and configuring spaces for events and parties a snap. Add switching to outdoor spaces, without digging trenches, or add switching to interior spaces without changing the wires in your walls. Once your system is set-up, the Avi-on Pro Bluetooth® lighting system is easy to change and easy to live with.

Limitless Range

Avi-on Pro Bluetooth® lighting control products offer a professional grade implementation of Bluetooth® with Mesh—the latest technology from one of the world’s most recognized and widely adopted brands. Avi-on products have Bluetooth’s simplicity, plus the unlimited network range of a Mesh network. Every Avi-on Pro switch is a repeater, sending and receiving signals, and casting a 3D net throughout your property. As you add devices, the range automatically expands.

Reliable & Secure

The Avi-on software platform powers an ecosystem of secure and interoperable products. With no central gateway or single point of failure, Avi-on products have increased reliability. With optional Wi-Fi access, you determine the level of local or global control that you need. Since all settings are programmed into each device’s memory, if the Internet goes down, your lighting control system continues to work. Even better, all settings are backed up on your secure account in the cloud, so changing phones or users is easy.

"As a builder, one of the benefits to using the Avi-on product is not only saving money but also saving resources. Resources like copper wire—a pretty valuable resource and very expensive when you're building a home. If you're able to save, for example, 30% of your wire by using a Bluetooth Avi-on switch, it becomes very beneficial."

–Todd Evans, Owner, BlackDog Builders

Avi-on Pro Bluetooth Controls

Complete Control

Use any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet to set up and program the Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control system, then take advantage of our five-way controls:

  • Amazon Echo voice control (requires the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge)
  • Local and/or global access with Avi-on iOS and Android apps (global access requires the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge)
  • Wireless control with the Avi-on Movable Switch, which includes multi-way switching and user accessibility
  • Manually operate Avi-on in-wall switches and dimmers like any traditional switch
  • Motion and light sensors (coming soon)

Avi-on Pro Controls

Why Bluetooth® with Mesh

Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control products offer a professional grade implementation of Bluetooth® with Mesh—the latest technology from one of the world’s most recognized and widely adopted brands. Products powered by Avi-on have Bluetooth’s simplicity, plus Mesh’s virtually limitless network range.

Bluetooth® with Mesh offers ultra-low power consumption, high security, and the ability to control multiple devices at the same time. This gives Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting controls the features and benefits that other lighting control products just can’t match.

Professional Outdoor Lighting

The Outdoor Solution That Gives You Professional Avi-on Results

Professional outdoor landscape lighting and fixtures add beauty, character and safety to any home or office. Path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the unique styling of outdoor lighting, while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.

The simplicity Avi-on's Professional Controls along with the virtually limitless range offered by the Bluetooth with Mesh network is a perfect enhancement for any outdoor project large or small.

Avi-on - Go Green

Be Green By Going Blue

The Avi-on Bluetooth® with Mesh solution enables you to save energy and money. Bluetooth® consumes very little electricity and, by using software to replace control wires, less copper wire is needed in remodels and new construction. Combined with scheduling control of your lights, the energy savings for residential and commercial users really adds up.

Avi-on Support

Support when you need it

Avi-on professional products are part of a complete lighting control ecosystem that includes a first-class mobile application, cloud services for all of your account services and settings, a variety of high-end hardware and white glove technical support.

Although provisioning and set up of all Avi-on products is built to be simple and user-friendly, Avi-on offers training and help when you need it.

If you are looking for training on professional provisioning and set up, contact our sales team for available schedules and times or contact us through or support portal for technical support. 
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Join The Program

Become an Avi-on Pro Authorized Dealer or Certified Installer/Specifier

Avi-on Pro lighting control products are Avi-on’s highest performing product line—available only to building industry professionals and lighting specifiers. Avi-on Pro Partners receive the highest level of customer support, to ensure a great experience for the end-user. Contact us to learn more about becoming an authorized dealer or certified installer/specifier.