Avoiding Segmented Devices or Thin Network

segmented network is when there are two separate “clouds” of coverage that cannot communicate with each other. This is usually caused when there is too much distance between devices. A thin network is where the devices are almost close enough together, and therefore they sometimes connect, and sometimes they do not. 


  • Some devices are operable from the app sometimes, but not others.
  • Some devices do not turn on/off on schedule or according to scenes.
  • Some devices are “offline” and not reachable by the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge. Therefore, they are not operable remotely.


The solution is the same in either case: add devices to the network and/or re-locate selected devices to improve coverage. Details below.


When this occurs, you may experience the following behavior:

  • Units are powered on, but do not show up in the “adding a device” screen during initial installation
  • Not all units responding when turning on/off in the app
  • Moving around the site changes the devices that can be operated
  • Inability to program certain devices

Cloud of Coverage

Mesh devices create a cloud of coverage. If you are anywhere in the cloud, then you will be able to control any other device inside the cloud



Devices typically achieve 60-100 feet point to point, indoors and out. Please make sure that all of your devices are within range of each other to form a solid mesh connection, especially if you are only using outdoor products.



In order to solve this issue, the most straight forward options are as follows:

  • Adjust location of units, so that they are closer to another Avi-on device which you are able to control
  • Add additional units to increase the density of the mesh, which will act as repeaters

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