GE-branded Products: Firmware Updates Required

Stuck on the “connecting” screen with a GE-branded product?

There are FOUR possible reasons why you are having trouble connecting to your switch.

  1. Like your iPhone or Android, all GE devices have required a firmware update since August 2017. See “firmware updates” below.
    • If you ignored the update pop-ups, then your switch may have stopped transmitting properly. As a result, you can no longer connect to it.
    • If you just purchased the product, then it may have been on the shelf for a while and/or it may have been an out-of-box return. Unfortunately, people break devices and then return them.
  2. One switch means one phone. If you only have ONE switch, then you then you need to LOGOUT of the Avi-on app on all but ONE phone or tablet.
  3. You purchased a Zwave device instead of bluetooth. If your box has a GREEN or RED stripe, then it will not work. You need to purchase a bluetooth product with a BLUE stripe on the box.
  4. Already did a firmware update? Then, you need to refresh your phone’s connections. Info here: 


There are two ways that we can help you out with the firmware update.

Option 1) Attempt to complete the firmware update yourself. Instructions below. Since you hare having trouble connecting, this option may not be available to you.

Option 2) Send your GE product to Avi-on for update. 



Please follow ALL of these steps IN ORDER. All steps are MANDATORY. No cheating. (We say all of that stuff because people cherry-pick what they want to do and it fails. Ugh.)

>>> Please re-locate your plug-in(s) to a place in the house with great power and make sure that your phone has great wi-fi. If you have several plug-ins, put them in the same room for update.
1) Please cycle the power on your in-wall switch by flipping the breaker OFF (or unplug for plug-ins) for 2 minutes
2) Please LOGOUT of the Avi-on app on ALL phones/tablets
3) Please “kill” or FORCE QUIT the Avi-on app on ALL phones/tablets

  • For iOS devices: press the “home button” twice to take you to the “switcher”, then “swipe up” on the Avi-on app to kill it. Example here.
  • For Android devices: this process varies depending on the phone. Here is one example.

4) REBOOT ALL phones or tablets

5) Please stand near the switch in a spot that has GREAT wi-fi

6) LAUNCH the Avi-on app on ONE phone or tablet ONLY

>>> If you cannot get past this step…then your switch is no longer transmitting. Please skip to Option #2 below. <<<

7) Focus, stand still, and don’t do anything but this update–no calls, internet, texts or anything
8) Please press the (!)

9) If it fails at Step 4, please PRESS THE REFRESH button. You can find it here:

10) If it looks like the firmware update “didn’t work,” please LOGOUT of the Avi-on app to save your settings, then log back in. 

If the above process does not work, then you can send the switch or switches to Avi-on for a Complimentary Firmware Update.


As a service to GE customers, Avi-on has provided a mail-in update service since 2017. The typical turn-around time is about 4 weeks. 

Please send your switch to the address below.

>> Please include your name, physical mailing address, email address that you use for login, and cell phone number. Failure to include ALL of these details will result in Avi-on not returning your switch.

Avi-on Labs Complimentary Firmware Update–GE Switches

<Your email and phone number>

2700 Rasmussen Road, Suite L-10

Park City, Utah 84098

Please note that if you purchased an out-of-box return, have delayed the update for some time, and/or your switch is broken, then we may be unable to assist you and we will not return your switch.

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