How do I delete a group?

If your group does not seem to be working as expected, such as when a device only works individually, but not in the group, it can be due to several situations:

  • You are operating in a sparse network, or may have been when setting up the group
  • You may not have been in range of your network when setting up the group
  • The phone or tablet may have a poor Bluetooth antenna design. Check out our list here of common phones/tablets with poor antennas.

Any of these situations can cause the device to not be affiliated to your new group. To fix this, it may be best to delete the group, and create another. This guide will show you how to delete the group.

Tap the “three vertical dots” icon to the right of your device’s name. Or swipe from right to left on the device.


Tap the “group” icon to the left. You will not be able to see this icon or the grouping screen if you have not upgraded to a Premium account.


Tap the “three vertical dots” icon in the top right hand corner, and select the “Remove” option.


Confirm it is the group you want to remove by selecting “Okay” 

Your group has now been removed. If this was part of your troubleshooting, follow this link to review how to create a new group.

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