How do I edit or change a schedule?

Edit a Schedule’s Settings #

Access your Schedules by opening the app drawer menu and selecting the “Schedules” section.


Tap the “three vertical dots” icon or swipe left on the desired schedule, then tap the “Edit” button. You will be taken to the Schedule Settings screens.


From the Schedule Settings screen, you will be able to change your Schedule active hours (randomize, set to sunrise or sunset), the active days and also change the Schedule’s name. After you’ve made the necessary changes, just tap “Save” on the top right corner to apply the changes to all of the associated devices/groups/scenes.


Please note that in order for Schedule changes to be applied successfully, you must be at no more than 10 ft. from the associated Devices/Groups/Scenes. If the process fails to be applied to any of them, you’ll have the option to retry the process.

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