How do I set up and use the Avi-on app?

First download the Avi-on App, follow these steps:

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store.


Search “Avi-On Labs” and download the app.


Next you will need to create a user account and validate your email.  Do this by simply entering your email as your user account name, selecting a password of at least 8 characters from the mobile application “register” screen.  You will then receive a registration email to the email address you entered.  Click on the link in the email to confirm your address, then you will be able to go back to the app and log in.

NOTE, you will not be able to use the Avi-on app until you have confirmed the email.  If you don’t get the email:

  1. Double check the spelling of your registration email to make sure it is your valid account.
  2. Check your spam folder for the email.  Hit “resend email” if necessary.
  3. If you cannot get the email after the above please contact Avi-on support for assistance.

To use the Avi-on App for the first time, please connect your Avi-on compatible device to a power source and stand nearby. The app works only when your Avi-on compatible device is powered and within about 100 feet of your phone or tablet. Avi-on devices include:

GE Brand Smart Plug-in Switches and Dimmers and many more

The device is powered and ready to be added if the blue LED light is double flashing.

 Note:  The GE Outdoor Switch does not have an LED indicator.

If the blue LED is either a solid color, or turned off, then the Avi-on device has already been registered to another account, and will need to be removed prior to adding.  If you do not have access to the prior account, or you have a newly purchased device, you may need to perform a device reset.

What’s Next?

Next, you will reigster an available Avi-on device and add the device to your account by pressing the “Add Device” or “+” button.  If additional devices are in range, you will be able to add them to your account one at a time.

Once devices have been claimed and added to your account, you can turn them on and offdim (if dimming is available on the device you want to control)set up schedulesset up countdown timer to turn devices on and off, and group multiple devices together*. The Avi-on app allows you to control all of your Avi-on devices easily and efficiently. You can also control each device manually if your smartphone or tablet isn’t within reach. 

*Upgraded features like grouping are not available for all devices and users.  If you would like to add grouping to your Avi-on app, please contact for additional instructions.

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