How does the Avi-on Movable Switch work?

The Avi-on Movable Switch is designed to beautifully and conveniently enable you to add switches without adding wiring.

In addition to this FAQ, here is another article about setting up the Movable Switch that may be of interest to you.

It is amazing technology, and here are a couple of design features that may help you understand why it operates the way that it does.

  • The Movable Switch is designed to conserve battery and to only operate when deliberately touched to avoid accidental operation. If you haven’t used the switch in a while, the first press may “wake” the switch up (it goes to sleep to conserve battery) and a second press will turn it off or on. It takes some practice to get the hang of it.​ We could make the “wake up” faster, but it would eat up the battery life of the switch.
  • The Movable Switch has a capacitive touch panel that works like an Mac touchpad. The top of the touch pad is ON, the bottom is OFF, and you slide between the ends to dim.
  • The Movable Switch is designed so that If you press the switch in the middle of the touch panel, it will set the lights to that dimming level. This is a convenient feature that enables you to quickly set the dimming level of your lights.

Here is some guidance about ON, OFF, and DIMMING lights with the Avi-on Movable Switch.

  1. Press-and-release deliberately. Tapping lightly and quickly will not work. The switch is designed to ensure that accidental taps don’t change the lights, so please try different style of “presses” in order to turn the lights on or off. 
  2. Turning the Switch ON. Press very very high on the touch panel (almost off the top edge). 
  3. Turning the Switch OFF. Press very very low on the touch panel (almost off the edge). Note, the bottom of the touch panel is near the logo. 
  4. Dimming the lights. Slide your finger from top to bottom of the touch panel to dim, from the bottom to the top to brighten the lights. This may be a bit obvious, however, you cannot dim LEDs, non-dimming switches or devices like fans that are marked as “not dimmable.” 

How to Set Up the Movable Switch

See the separate FAQ about how to set-up the movable switch.

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