How to setup your RAB

Setting up your Remote Access Bridge (RAB) is easy and just takes a minute or two

Important notes:

The RAB acts as a node on the network.  What this means is that you must connect to it through another Avi-on device when using your mobile phone to set up the wifi. 

To make sure this works check the following placements guidelines:

a) The RAB needs to be about 10 feet of the router, but not closer than 5 feet and 60 feet between an Avi-on device and the RAB.
b) The RAB needs to be within 10 to 30 feet of the closest bluetooth switch. The distance depends on how things are installed and the REAL connectivity of your system. 
c) The RAB needs a very strong wi-fi connection at the location where it sits.
d) You will need Avi-on app version 1.7.4 

Keep in mind:

It may take up to 3 minutes for the RAB to be visible to your network after it is plugged in

Sometimes it may help to move an Avi-on device closer to the RAB and the RAB close to the wifi router for setup. 

If your RAB does not have a strong connection with BOTH the bluetooth switch AND the router, it will not set up. Or, it may set up, but then not have a stable connection to the cloud.


STEP 1 – Adding the RAB 

Plug in your RAB.  You should see the Green (wifi) and Blue (Bluetooth) lights flashing at first.

Add the RAB just like any other device.  Once plugged in, open the Avi-on app, and press the + button.  You should see the Avi-on RAB pop up.

Select it and hit Done. This will add the RAB to your account


STEP 2 – Setting up Wifi Connection

After the RAB is added the Blue LED should turn solid on after a minute or so

Press the button at the bottom of the RAB settings page to set up your wifi connection

First the Phone connects to the RAB

Then it returns a list of the available wifi connections

Pick the one you want and hit Next


Then enter the password


The Green LED should glow solid as well after the connection. Done!

What to do if you fail on step 1 and 2

Step 1 Failures: If the RAB is failing on step 1 (can’t add or remove), then you don’t have a bluetooth connection to the RAB. This is likely to be one of two things:

a) The RAB is in the wrong place-Please try to relocate the RAB keeping in mind our Important Notes in the beginning of the article.

b) The phone is having trouble making the bluetooth connection. Solution is to FORCE QUIT the Avi-on app and re-launch it (On iOS, a FORCE QUIT is the “swipe up” from the switcher. It varies on Android.)

Step 2 Failures: This will happen under the following circumstances.

a) If the RAB is too far or too close to the wifi connection -> You need to re-locate the RAB

b) Generic failure that is solved by a re-try.

c) Problem specific to a custom-setting in your router-> If you have customized your router, it may be difficult to get the RAB to connect.


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