How to synchronize your schedules

Problem: My schedules are not following or ignoring their set times  #

There are three common situations when schedules get out of synch. They are shown as A, B, and C below.

Situation A) Schedules out of synch because of power outage or daylight savings. There are a number of reasons that your schedules may be out of synch.

  • Power outages (micro and large) affect the on/off times of your devices, just like the clock on your microwave. 
  • Change in daylight savings. 
    • The solution is to the above situations is turn one device on/off so that your schedules are re-populated throughout the network. 
  • If you want 24/7 clock synchronization, then you need a device with a wi-fi chip. See the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge for details.

Situation B) Devices “ignoring” or “not following” schedules. There are several reasons that your devices do not appear to be following schedules.

  • Devices not associated with schedules. To associate a device with a schedule, scroll down to the “association” section in these instructions.
  • Devices associated with multiple, conflicting schedule. Remove the device from the overlapping/conflicting schedule. You can see your schedules at
  • The schedule is damaged for some reason. If you had a weak wi-fi connection or walked away while you were programming a schedule, then the schedule may not have been saved properly. The solution: REMOVE the schedule from the app, then ADD the schedule and ASSOCIATE it with your devices again.
  • One or more devices in a group is not responding to a schedule. This is most likely because the device(s) are segmented from the core network. See the next section for details.
  • The device is out of reach of the network when the schedule was programmed. With large properties, multiple stories, and big outdoor installations, you can inadvertently create a condition called a segmented device or network. What that means is that one or more devices are out of reach from the core part of the network. When a device is segmented, several things can happen.
    • If the device is out of reach during the schedule programming, the segmented device does not receive the schedule.
    • If the device is out of reach when you try to turn it (or a group it is in) on/off, the device will be unpredictable in its response.

Situation C) Long time customers with schedules that did not transition from the old app. The other possibility is that long-time customers have schedules that did not make the transition from the old app (before August 2017) and the new app (now.)

  • With the change in the schedule flow over the summer to allow scheduling for groups (if you have grouping), some schedules will not convert smoothly. The simplest thing to do is to delete the schedule, and then re-program it.
  • Solution: REMOVE overlapping and unneeded schedules. See next section if you would like background information



In 2017, we responded to customer input and updated the scheduling flow of the Avi-on app. Why? Because people asked to be able to copy/paste schedules to multiple devices. Also, customers with Avi-on Grouping and Avi-on Pro asked for the ability to schedule groups.

  • OLD FLOW–one schedule per device, no schedules for groups
  • NEW FLOW–multiple schedules per device, multiple schedule per group

This update enables you to create a single schedule and associate it with many individual devices.

  • If you have the grouping feature, these updates enable you to apply schedules to groups, eliminating the need to create individual schedules for each device.
  • If you have been an Avi-on customer for some time, you may need to update your schedules to follow this new flow. Info below on how to do that.
  • For GE branded products, there is a limit of 10 schedules per account. Avi-on Pro Gold offers 20 schedules per account on a limited, free-trial basis.


  • Please make sure to stand near your devices when you are saving the schedules.
  • Remove the old schedules from your account, and then re-program them and associate them to your devices or groups. The link in (1) above will give you step-by-step guidance for how to create schedules in the new flow.

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