I have Alexa but my lights don’t respond

If your lights fail to respond to Alexa, follow these steps to get it working again:

  1. If the blue light does not respond when you speak to Alexa, then it may not be plugged in or configured.
  2. If Alexa says it is not connected, then check your wifi router to be sure you have an internet connection.  You may need to reconfigure your Alexa to your router.
  3. If Alexa says “that device is not available right now, please check your connection” then the issue is with the Avi-on RAB wifi connection. See the following step.
  4. Verify the blue and green LED’s on the RAB are solid on.
    1. If the blue is flashing then you have not yet configured your RAB with your network.  Go to the Avi-on app and add the RAB to your system.
    2. If the green is flashing double flashes then your router connection has not been set up or your router is off line.  Verify your router is working and connected to the internet.  If the router is working, then go to the Avi-on app and reconfigure your wifi connection.
    3. If the green light is flashing once, it means the RAB is set up correctly, but there is no internet connectivity to the Avi-on server.  Check your router’s internet connection.
    4.  Check HERE for more detail on how to troubleshoot your RAB Connection

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