Occasionally it may be helpful to power cycle the device to restart the processor.  This can be needed if an over-the-air update has failed, or as a result of a brown out from unusual line power surges.

The method for power cycling the device depends on the device type.  Look for your device type below:

  • Plug in switches:  Unplug and re plug the device from the wall
  • In wall switches:  First push the buttons, if that does not work, then cycle the circuit breaker for those lights.
  • Installed light fixtures:  If your wall switch has a power cycle tab (a little tab around the edge of the switch.  If you pull it out the power will be disconnected to the lights.  Jasco dimmer switches, Avi-on Scene Controllers have this tab.  If there is no disconnect tab, then cycle the circuit breaker that the light is connected to.
  • Motion Sensors:  Follow the instructions for installed light fixtures.

Note, Power Cycling is not the same as a Hard Reset.

A power cycle may restore function if the the unit is stopped and will not harm the device or system in any way.

A hard reset will NOT improve the device condition and will result in breaking the link between the user account and device.  We do not recommend performing a hard reset except in specific conditions where you wish to add the device to a new user account and do not have access to the original account login credentials.

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