Problems with Linking your Amazon Alexa account with Avi-on

If you have any trouble linking your Amazon linking your account, below are some possible problems and solutions:

  • Be sure that you are logged into the Amazon account that you want to link
  • Double check your Avi-on username and password

There are two ways to link, using the Alexa mobile application and a Web browser

Mobile Application issues:

If you are sure that your Amazon and Avi-on accounts are correct, then the Amazon Alexa/Avi-on link could be having problems. This could be either Amazon or Avi-on.  We monitor this link constantly, but sometimes Amazon has an outage that we cannot fix until Amazon updates their system.

If the link is failing, you can try linking doing using a web browser.

  1. Log into your web browser at using the Amazon account you want to link
  2. Go to the link:
  3. Enter your Avi-on username and password
  4. You will need to use a regular web browser and not the browser on the mobile phone.  This is a page on the Amazon server that we cannot directly control

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