RAB Set-Up and Troubleshooting

Here is a list of possible problems you could encounter when using a Remote Access Bridge (RAB)


>> Here is how you can add your new RAB to your network.

Please follow directions PRECISELY, IN ORDER, NO CHEATING.

1) Plug the RAB in within 10 feet of the ROUTER, but not closer than 5 feet
2) Make sure that your GE bluetooth plug-in or in-wall is within 15 feet of the RAB
3) Turn on the personal hotspot/data that is on your PHONE (NOT YOUR WI-FI/INTERNET)
4) Pair your RAB with the PHONE hotspot.
5) Wait 5 minutes for the RAB to run through its set up (If you are able to pair the RAB with your iPhone, then the RAB is working properly)
6) Unpair your RAB from the hotspot and RESET the RAB. Info here: https://support.avi-on.com/hc/en-us/articles/236393567-What-do-the-lights-and-buttons-do-on-my-RAB-
7) Pair the RAB to your wi-fi using the correct ROUTER password
8) If the RAB stops working, then the problem is that your RAB is TOO FAR from the first bluetooth device. You will need (a) move your bluetooth device or (b) add a device to fix the problem.


I cannot see the RAB on my phone when I try to add it in the Avi-on app:

  • Make sure the RAB not is already connected to another network (if it is the Blue LED will be solid). The blue LED must be flashing our you will not see the RAB to add to your network
  • The Avi-on device you are using to connect to the RAB is too far away. Move a device closer to the RAB and make sure you are standing next to the closest Avi-on device
  • You did not wait long enough after you plugged it in. The RAB setup process takes a couple of minutes so be patient and try again.

 The RAB came up on my screen, but failed to add to the account

  • The nearest Avi-on device is still too far away

The process failed on Step 1.  -Cannot find RAB

  • The RAB is not plugged in, or has not fully booted up yet
  • It is already claimed to another account (Blue LED is solid)
  • The Avi-on device you are connecting to is too far from the RAB

The process failed on Step 2.  -Cannot find wifi network

  • You are too far from the wifi router you are trying to connect to
  • The router is not plugged in or is frozen

The wifi did not return the router SSID I am looking for

  • The RAB is too far from the router. Move it closer.  If you really need to you may be able to relocate it farther away after setup

The process failed on Step 3.  -Wifi password was not accepted or failed to associate

  • Make sure you are typing the correct password.  Use the Show Password button to view before saving.
  • If you are certain (try connecting to the wifi with your phone). Cancel and repeat the setup.  Worst case -> close the app and start from the beginning
  • The RAB could be too close to a wifi router. Ensure they are not closer than 4 ft from each other

The process failed on Step 4 -Very unusual

  • The router froze,  or the Avi-on device/RAB/Router were unplugged
  • You had a phone call, crash of another application or other event on the phone that interrupted the Avi-on app

 My Phone is not controlling my devices remotely.  What is wrong?

  • Your phone needs to be connected to the internet
  • The router and internet the RAB is connected to needs to be working
  • You may have changed your router SSID or password

My RAB controls some devices in my network, but not others

  • Some of your devices are not in range of your RAB or other Avi-on mesh devices
  • Try moving the RAB a little closer (but not too far from the wifi router), or
  • Add an Avi-on device between the RAB and the devices that are not working

My Green light is flashing and I cannot control my devices remotely.  What is wrong?

  • Your internet is not connected. This could be because:
    • Your internet is down (check with your carrier)
    • Your router is stuck (unplug and re plug your router)
    • Your router has changed or been disconnected (reconfigure the RAB wifi)
    • Your router password has changed (reconfigure the RAB wifi)

What do the lights and Buttons do? Click HERE for details.

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