What are Firmware Updates For?

Avi-on firmware updates can be triggered for several reasons.  They are activated by Avi-on support staff using our cloud service.  We trigger updates for several reasons:

  • To upgrade the firmware to address problems that may occur in the field
  • To remain compatible with new versions of the Avi-on platform, mobile applications, and operating systems
  • To introduce new features
  • To upgrade users to premium capabilities not available in the base retail firmware
  • Mitigate any security vulnerabilities that may be discovered

In the event of updates that are applied to address a specific issue, you will always receive prior notification through your Helpdesk ticket or other means

Very occasionally, we may push a firmware update to the whole Avi-on community.  In this case you will see the update icon appear on your device even if you are not aware of any issues.

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