What do I do if a device fails to remove from my account?

If you try to remove a device from your account and it fails to do so:

  • Make sure the device is turned on and within range.  You may want to turn it off and back on to confirm it is correctly powered before you try again to remove it.
  • Try several times.
  • If neither of the above recommendations work, as a last resort you can perform a manual device reset to remove it from the account. First, Tap “my device is broken” after it fails to unclaim from the app and answer “yes” to “are you sure you want to remove this device”. This will remove the device registration from the app.  Then manually reset the device by completing a device reset.

Note: If you perform a device reset and do not remove the device manually from the app, then the device will still appear visible, but you will not be able to turn it on or off, reprogram schedules, etc.

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