What do the lights and buttons do on my RAB?

What do the lights mean?

The LED’s can tell you important details about the status of your RAB:

  • Double flashing Green: Wifi is not configured, or if it has been set up, the router or internet are down
  • Double flashing Blue:  The RAB is not configured to an Avi-on account
  • Solid Green: The wifi is connected to a router and the internet
  • Solid Blue: The RAB is connected to an Avi-on network

 What does the button do?

You can use the button for various resets:

  • Press quickly once (one second). This will refresh your current connection to the wifi router
  • Hold for 15 seconds: This will reset the Wifi and Avi-on network connections.  You can then add the RAB to a different Avi-on account
  • Note: If you hold the RAB button for 5 seconds by mistake, it will enter a debugging mode. If this happens to you, just unplug and re plug in the RAB.  There is no user accessible information from this mode

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