What is an Avi-on RAB and what does it do?

An Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB) connects your local Avi-on Bluetooth Mesh network to the Avi-on Cloud service. 

The RAB enables you to

  • Use your mobile phone to access your network from any location via the Avi-on cloud service
  • Connect to an ever growing list of other control options such as Amazon Alexa
  • Access a growing list of special services provided through the Avi-on cloud
  • Automatically resync the time of your network in the event of a power outage, daylight savings, etc.
  • Maintain the time every day to improve the accuracy of sunrise/sunset schedules
  • The RAB acts as another node on the Bluetooth mesh network.  This means that if you lose internet, all your switches and schedules will continue to work as before.

Currently enabled RAB Services

This list will be expanding rapidly over the coming weeks.  Check back often to see what we have added

Features Currently in Production

  • Set up and configure a RAB to your Avi-on network and Wifi
  • Detect if you are in range of your Bluetooth network or not, automatically switch between Cloud mode and local network connection modes
  • Use the Cloud service during the “connecting to your network” period to remove delays in sending commands when opening the app. No more “connecting” screen!
  • Turn on and off devices and groups remotely
  • Dim devices and groups remotely – Only net changes in dimming will be sent, not real time sliding of dimming. Real time continuous dimming is only possible in local connection mode.
  • Change the color of devices or groups that support CCT or RGB
  • View current device on/off/dimming status

Coming Very Soon

  • Add/remove/change groups
  • Trigger countdown timer
  • Turn on/off schedules
  • Configure and change schedules
  • Alexa Support
  • Update time/date after a power outage
  • Web browser based remote control/status through myaccount.avi-on.com

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