What is many-to-many control on the Avi-on app?

With Avi-on, many people can control many devices through a single account.

The Avi-on platform has many-to-many controls, meaning that many people can connect to many devices through a single account. For security reasons, once a device is “claimed” to an account, then no other phones can “see” that device. This prevents your neighbors from hijacking your system.

  • In order to connect to your Avi-on device from a new phone or tablet, you need to login to your original account with the original username and password.

For example, if you set up your Avi-on product from Jane Smith’s iPhone with an account username of janesmith@gmailbox.com, then you need to login to the Avi-on app using the username and password for janesmith@gmailbox.com on your Android phone.

  • If you have multiple phones or tablets with the Avi-on app and only a few Avi-on devices, then you may have trouble connecting to the Avi-on app. See sparse networks for more information.

Look at see devices on my app for more information.

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