What’s New with the Avi-on App?


With the old Avi-on app, customizations (like groups, schedules and countdowns) could only be created “through” a device. You would have to select a device from the dashboard within the app, and then create a schedule for that specific device or add that specific device to a group. Essentially, all editing had to be done through the device dashboard (as shown below). With the new app, this is still an option, but our new architecture enables you to customize your devices in other ways as well.

What’s New?

The major difference is that the app now allows you to create custom capabilities like schedules, groups, scenes, and favorites and then choose which devices to assign them to. This creates a significantly higher level of flexibility that didn’t exist in the old app.

Let’s take scheduling as an example. Rather than creating a schedule “through” a device that will only be applied to that single device, you can now create general schedules and then add/remove devices/groups that you want to operate on those schedules.

These exciting new capabilities in the new app can be found in the app drawer. To access the app drawer, press the “three horizontal lines” in the upper left hand corner of the “Devices” menu. Note that these three lines are in the same location throughout the app, so you can always press them to return to the drawer.

Once in the drawer, you will see an all new menu of features. These items in the app drawer are called “capabilities”. By clicking on any of these capabilities, you will be brought to the respective “Dashboard” for that capability. These “Dashboards” are essentially just home screens for the different capabilities. An example of this is shown below for the new “Schedules” home screen.

Although there are many new and exciting capabilities with the new app, we kept the familiar feel. Notice that the “Controllers” icon is still at the bottom of the list new app drawer. Also, the “Dashboard” from the old app has simply been renamed “Devices” in the new app. The functionality of both the “Devices” and “Controllers” screens will make you feel right at home.

Capabilities in the New App

Not only are there more capabilities in the new app, but these new capabilities offer a much higher level of customization for your Avi-on system. However, it is important to note that some capabilities and features in the new app are only available for Avi-on Pro users only. Click here to upgrade to a Pro account today. 


Available for Pro accounts only. Favorites is an all new capability that gives users quick access to the devices and groups that they use most. This capability allows users to control devices and groups from the same menu and also incorporates a unique new “Sorting” feature. Learn more about Favorites here. 


Available to all users. What was previously named “Dashboard”, has now been replaced with a menu named “Devices.” Just like in the old app, you can add, edit and control your devices from this menu. Learn more about Devices here. 


Available to all users. Previously, when groups were created through a device’s editing menu, they would then show up on the app dashboard. In the new app, all groups are now automatically saved to the “Groups” home screen. Read more about Groups here.


Available to all users. Scenes is undoubtedly the most unique capability within the new app. Scenes allows users to combine scheduling with custom dimming, transitions and tunable color profiles. For more information about Scenes, click here. 


Available to all users. Unlike the old app where schedules could only be made through a device’s editing menu, the new “Schedules” capability allows users to create schedules and then choose which devices, groups and scenes to assign that schedule to. Read more about Schedules here. 


Available to all users. “Controllers” is the only item in the new app drawer that also existed in the old app drawer. Click on this feature to access your Avi-on controllers like the Remote Access Bridge and the Movable Switch.

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