Why do I have to use the Internet to login to the Avi-on network?

Great news! You only need the internet (or a data connection on your phone) to set up your network. After that, you can turn it off. Your plugs and switches will operate without wi-fi and a router.

Avi-on is based on a new technology called Bluetooth with Mesh. That means that it has several great features that old-school Bluetooth does not.

Why do we have login? There are several important reasons.

  1. ​Many-to-Many Controls. By having an initial set-up through the cloud, you can use many smartphones and tablets to control many devices through a single account. You can’t do that with old-school Bluetooth.
  2. Network Security. Avi-on creates a secure login to all of your devices using your personal account. Once your devices are claimed, then your neighbors can’t hijack your system and control your lights. (Which they could do with old-school bluetooth speakers.)
  3. Drag-and-Drop Grouping: Rewire Without Wires. With the Avi-on network, you can “wire” devices together that are living on separate circuits and control them from a single button.
  4. Add-A-Switch Anywhere with the Avi-on Movable Switch. Pair a single switch or an entire group to an Avi-on Movable Switch. Save thousands in electrician fees.  
  5. Smart Devices Work Without the Internet, Including Sunrise/Sunset. Avi-on schedules live in the memory of each individual device, so once they are programmed, they work with or without a phone, the Internet or a data connection.
  6. No Gateway. No Single Point of Failure. Since Avi-on doesn’t need a gateway, your smartphone or tablet communicates directly with the closest device in the network. Then, in a blink of an eye, that device broadcasts your commands to all of your Avi-on products.
  7. Instant Recovery. Your secure account stores all of your programs, photos, customized device names, groups and other settings. If you have an extended power outage, just turn one device on/off in the network, and all of the devices will be instantly updated with the correct time.
  8. Great Range. Avi-on’s Bluetooth Smart Mesh gives your devices almost infinite range. Point-to-point, we see up to 100 feet. In a network, each Avi-on compatible product acts as a repeater. We find that three devices easily cover over 2500 square feet, upstairs and down.
  9. Remote AccessSome people do want to control their networks from outside of the home or office. The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge enable you to control your Avi-on devices from anywhere in the world. Learn more about our Remote Access Bridge here

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