Why doesn’t my schedule turn on or off precisely at sunset or sunrise every day?

PRO TIP: Synchronize your sunrise and sunset schedules in one easy step. 

  • Open the Avi-on app, then turn ON/OFF the device that is “out of synch”. The app will automatically update the clocks on all of your devices. 
  • More info here.


Avi-on calculates sunrise and sunset based on the geographic location of your devices at the BEGINNING of every month. During the month, as the sun travels through the sky, the precise time of sunrise/sunset changes in your area. You will also experience sunrise/sunset differently depending on whether you are in the mountains or on the flat plains. Avi-on’s pretty smart, but we’re not smart enough to know that you live in a canyon.


When you pick a sunrise or sunset schedule, we calculate the  sunrise/sunset times based on the location of your devices for every month.  The device will automatically update to a new time every month.


Tip:  When you pick the sunrise or sunset, drag the other end of the schedule dial to set a “sunset until xx time.” The On time will adjust with the seasons but the Off time will stay the same.  It is a great way to save energy by only using your outdoor lights when it is dark and you are awake.

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