Will Avi-on be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology?

Apple HomeKit setup is quite complicated, and it only really works with one device at a time. With Avi-on, set-up is instant, and you can control multiple devices simultaneously from in-wall switches, movable switches, or iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Also, once you set up your system, it works like all of the other switches in your home or office, with or without the Internet, with or without your smartphone.  Avi-on’s use of Bluetooth Mesh technology creates the same enhanced security that Apple is using without all the overhead and cost. Avi-on is a certified HomeKit developer. Avi-on products can be used by both iOS and Android from a single account. One of the things that Apple doesn’t share with consumers is that Apple requires product-makers to add expensive chips and technology to every device in the network.  These chips increase the retail price, complicate the setup, slow down performance, and reduce products’ compatibility with both the iOS and Android platforms. We know that our customers are very focused on price, and love the instant set-up, no gateway, and many-to-many controls of the Avi-on ecosystem. We also know that you want the flexibility to use any current smartphone or tablet that you own now or buy in the future.

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