Avi-on Outdoor Lighitng Controls
Avi-on Outdoor Lighitng Controls

Lighting Controls

Avi-on Outdoor Lighting Control System allows you to control spaces and quickly re-configure zones without re-wiring.

Avi-on Outdoor Lighting Solutions are simple and easy to use from installation to reconfiguration. Installation is just like a regular unit, with no special wiring, panels or repeaters. Re-configuration of zones is a breeze with no additional programming or expense. And with all Avi-on products you can enhance usability with schedules, timers, scenes, occupancy sensors and ambient light sensors.

  • Pathway lights – are always a great addition. They make your garden and home inviting to visitors, and they're also very important for safety. Through our Avi-on partner Affordable Quality Lighting (AQL) we offer many different design options that you can easily find something to match your style.

  • Spotlights – are designed to light things from below. You can use these to highlight features such as trees or a stone wall. Plants like olive trees and bamboo look nice when you light them from below. Spotlights are perfect for highlighting features in small gardens.

  • Floodlights – and floodlights with motion sensors work well for security and safety purposes. If you walk outside in the middle of the night when the timers have turned off, you'll appreciate the motion sensor triggering the light.
  • Deck Lighting – is a great way to accent and ensure safety on your deck. Make your deck stand out from the rest with Avi-on.

  • Underwater lights – make fountains and water features look great and they can even be used in container water gardens.

  • Avi-on Outdoor Switches – can control water fixtures, pond pumps or an entire string of low voltage lights without rewiring. Just plug your outdoor fixture directly into an outdoor switch and you have instant control to set up timers, schedules, etc. and automatically control your outdoors.

All outdoor lighting products are available either directly from Avi-on at the Avi-on Store or our partner Affordable Quality Lighting (AQL Store).

GE Outdoor Smart Switch

Conquer your yard with the GE Outdoor Smart Switch

One of our most popular products, the GE Brand Plug-in Wireless Outdoor Smart Switch allows you to wirelessly configure, schedule and control your outdoor landscape features like yard lighting, exterior house lighting and water features with ease. The Outdoor Switch enables you to schedule when your outdoor lights and landscape features are on and off, allowing you to save electricity and lower your monthly bills by eliminating excess usage as well as the convenience of never having to step outside.

Pathway Lighting Kit

AQL Pathway Lighting Kit

Brand new from AQLIGHTING comes this classic LED pathway area light kit, with a high tech twist. The Smartscape landscape lighting system allows you to control each fixture via bluetooth from the convenience of your smartphone. Simply pair each fixture to the app to create custom lighting schedules on the individual level, or group them together for instant on/off controls with the press of a button.

Included in this kit: 6 cast brass LED pathway area lights, 6 warm white LED light bulbs, 6 Smartstake stake mounts, a 150w low voltage stainless steel outdoor rated transformer, and a 250' spool of 14ga direct burial cable to wire the entire kit. All of this bundled together to save you time and money. All fixtures are in gorgeous bronze finish.

Outdoor Pathway & Spotlight Kit

The AQL Pathway and Spotlight Kit

Avi-on and AQLIGHTING are proud to bring you this complete, high quality and easy to install LED landscape lighting kit. The Smartscape landscape lighting system allows you to control each fixture via bluetooth from the convenience of your smartphone and everything you need; 8 spotlights, 4 path lights, 12 LED warm white light bulbs, direct burial cable, connectors, mounting stakes, bluetooth controller, and a transformer. Ideal for lighting entryways or entries to paths, as well as bushes, trees, house facades, and architectural features. All of this bundled together at a low price for additional savings. All fixtures are a beautiful bronze finish.

Outdoor Spotlight Kit

AQL Spotlight Kit

The same high quality you've come to expect from AQLIGHTING with a high tech edge. This all new Smartscape LED spotlight kit allows you an all new level of control over your lighting. Featuring our new Smartstake stake mount, you can control each fixture individually via bluetooth connection, and the Avi-on app on your smartphone. Once paired, you can set personalized lighting schedules for each fixture, or group them together for instant on/off control.

Included with this kit: 10 cast brass LED spotlights, 10 LED warm white MR16 light bulbs, 10 Smartstake stake mounts, a 150w low voltage stainless steel outdoor rated transformer, and a 250' spool of 14ga direct burial cable so you can wire the entire system together. All fixtures come in a beautiful bronze finish.

Outdoor Stake

Brighten your space with the AQL Retrofit Stakemount

The AQL SMARTscape Stake is a truly revolutionary wireless light controller designed to replace expensive lighting systems. It can even retrofit your existing 12v light fixtures and low voltage transformers. Simply replace an existing mount in your yard with the Smartstake and connect your existing light fixture onto the Smartstake. You can immediately begin creating on/off schedules and groups for all of your lights.

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