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Avi-on offers a wide range of products and services for residential consumers, professional builders and contractors, and IoT manufacturers.
 The Avi-on Story

Introducing The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge

The Avi-on Remote Access Bridge gives you the power to use your Avi-on network from anywhere. Access your Avi-on Bluetooth Smart and Mesh network by simply connecting the Bridge to your wi-fi router.

The Bridge provides the security of knowing what lights are on or off anytime, the convenience of remotely updating your schedules, and keeps the timers in your network in sync with global clocks. The Bridge creates a secure connection between you and your devices that only you can use.

Avi-on Professional Controls

Avi-on Professional Controls
Introducing Avi-on Pro

Avi-on Pro Bluetooth® lighting control products offer features available on complicated, luxury lighting control systems, but at a competitive price-point. Features like five-way controls, wireless dimming, scheduling, grouping and scene setting, provide convenience, flexibility and energy savings—making Avi-on Pro a great solution for building industry professionals who specify lighting controls for new home and office construction, major remodels and simple retrofits.

Avi-on Movable Switch

Rewire without wires

The Avi-on Pro Movable Switch lets you to relocate existing switches, or mount new switches anywhere in your home or office—without having to change or add wiring in your walls. Use it with Avi-on smart switches and dimmers to add multi-way functionality and add wireless control to any light or group of lights. Mount the movable switch to any surface to add convenience and increase user accessibility.

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