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Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control products offer a professional grade implementation of Bluetooth® with Mesh—the latest technology from one of the world’s most recognized and widely adopted brands. Through its own innovative products and partnerships, Avi-on is changing the way the world wires and controls spaces.

Why Bluetooth Mesh

Why Bluetooth® with Mesh?

Products powered by Avi-on have Bluetooth’s simplicity, plus Mesh’s virtually limitless network range. Bluetooth® with Mesh offers ultra-low power consumption, high security, and the ability to control multiple devices at the same time. This gives Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting controls the features and benefits that other lighting control products just can’t match.

Limitless Range

Limitless Range

Bluetooth® with Mesh is the latest evolution for Bluetooth®. This recently developed upgrade to the the Bluetooth® protocol adds mesh networking technology to greatly increase the range and interoperability. Every Bluetooth® with Mesh device is a repeater, so every Avi-on Bluetooth switch—in your home or office—sends and receives signals, casting a 3D net throughout your property and extending the range to cover a limitless area.

Avi-on - Remote Access Bridge

You’re Already in Control

All smart phones and tablets come equipped with Bluetooth®—basically a two-way radio transmitter/receiver—which means you already have everything you need to set-up and control your Avi-on Bluetooth® with Mesh lighting control system. And unlike previous versions of Bluetooth®—which allowed one phone to control one device—Bluetooth® with Mesh allows you to control multiple devices at the same time. So with the Avi-on app, and the optional Remote Access Bridge, you can easily create and control flexible spaces by grouping and scheduling your lights at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Extremely  Reliable

Extremely Reliable

As a pioneer in the development and application of Bluetooth® with Mesh solutions, Avi-on’s utility-grade software powers an ecosystem of secure, interoperable products that include a growing list of brands and manufacturers from around the world. Partners like Qualcomm, CSRmesh, GE-branded products by Jasco, and Affordable Quality Lighting all contribute in delivering a lighting control system, that works every time you need it to work, and lighting control devices that last as long as your home or office.

“Avi-On was introduced to us about mid-remodel. My electricians were almost dumbfounded by how simple it was to put Avi-on switches in the existing electrical boxes, and control the LED lighting that we chose to use in the project.”

–Todd Evans, Owner, BlackDog Builders

Ultimate Security

Ultimate Security

Bluetooth® with Mesh devices talk directly to each other—essentially on a personal area network (PAN). As such, there is no need for a centralized hub, router or Internet connection. And, since programming and scheduling data is retained in the memory of each Avi-on Bluetooth device, if the Wifi goes down, your Avi-on lighting control system remains operational.

Avi-on - Go Green

Energy Savings

Avi-on Pro’s Bluetooth® with Mesh solution consumes the least amount of power—among competing wireless solutions in the IoT space—and only transmits data when a user requests a change to the system (e.g., turns on a light or modifies a schedule, etc). Combined with the powerful scheduling capabilities of an Avi-on Bluetooth® lighting control system, the energy savings for residential and commercial users really adds up.

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As a member of the Bluetooth SIG, Avi-on is helping to shape the future of IoT connectivity.

To learn more about how Bluetooth® with Mesh is changing the IoT landscape and the world of home and office automation, visit the Bluetooth® SIG.