American Tower

Boston, MA

Large Scale
Office Environment

American Towers came to Avi-on with unique needs. They occupied a three-story office building with a mixed bag of circuit controls as the result of multiple previous tenants and partial lighting updates. The need for one large company to control thousands of fixtures wirelessly in such a complex environment made the simplicity of the Avi-on Bluetooth® environment an obvious solution. Avi-on controls perform in small- and large-scale installations.
Avi-on controls allowed the entire building to operate as one controlled unit with over 2200 wireless nodes in a single mesh network.

Products and system benefits

  • DDL LED Troffers
  • Controlled by Avi-on 2115UFL Relay Adapter with Relay Power Pack
  • Battery Scene Controller
  • Sensor Input Module
  • PIR Motion with Ambient Light Sensing and Daylight Harvesting
  • Dual-tech Ultrasonic and PIR Office and Open Office Area Motion
  • Easy to Install Wireless Controls
  • Responsive Mesh Bluetooth® Protocol
  • Gateway-free

Retrofit and Update with Simplicity

American Towers was able to use existing circuit sensors with our sensor input module to allow for continued HVAC control and trigger lighting inputs without additional sensors littering the ceiling. The entire southeast and southwest sides of the building have glass walls allowing for daylight harvesting to further reduce the energy usage and allow for comfortable light levels for employees. With all of the facelifts the building goes through, using the Avi-on iOS and Android mobile apps makes scheduling an easy process for the building management.

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