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Innovative services and single mesh support

Patented Avi-on gateway-free technology makes installing a Single Mesh network the easiest in the industry. The Avi-on motto, No gateways, no routers, no IT hassles, rings so true that many partners choose to setup their own projects.  Our advanced commissioning and installation tools reduce daunting tasks to a few clicks on a mobile device, while the extensive Avi-on Video Training Library educates in great detail.  

When projects require assistance, Avi-on provides service options like no other lighting controls provider. Partners can choose their own level of service from: 

    1. Pre-Commissioning all nodes before they leave the warehouse
    2. Remote Commissioning nodes with Avi-on “touchless” service or 
    3. Complete customized service provided with On-Site Commissioning 

Please contact Avi-on Commissioning at (877) AVION-89 or Commissioning Contact Form
for commissioning questions or to become an Avi-on partner.

Direct Connect
compatible Devices

The Direct Connect Family consists of Load Controllers and Sensors that work together in one big happy family.  Load Controllers manage dimming, schedules, scenes, groups/zones and more while the sensors are able to detect motion with all new state-of-the-art features.

Avi-on Direct Connect Load Controllers
Avi-on LVFA
Avi-on XPP
Avi-on Microwave Sensor