Avi-on XFAC
Circuit Load Controller

Avi-on XFAC Circuit Load Control


Avi-on XFAC Circuit Load Control

The Avi-on XFAC is a highly capable wireless zone controller with loads of additional features.  110-277V, 16A Lighting rated relay, high capacity 0-10V dimming, and multiple sensor integration options make this a single component solution for an entire zone based control solution.

Flexible Installation

The XFAC is available in Class I or Class II wiring options. The XFAC is fully networked and integrated with the Avi-on ecosystem and is interoperable with all other Avi-on sensors, wall stations, and fixture controllers.

Sensor Ready

The XFAC is a sensor integration powerhouse with 2 different sensor inputs: Plug any Avi-on Direct Connect sensor for easy sensor integration, or use the general purpose sensor input with 24VDC power and contact input with third party sensors.

Energy Monitoring

The XFAC includes true measured energy consumption readings every 15 minutes (>0.5% accuracy). Use the XFAC to comply with top tier utility rebate programs and corporate energy management initiatives.

UL 924 Rated

The XFAC is rated as an emergency lighting control appliance. Use to control zones or individual fixtures without adding bypass relays. Trigger emergency status for fixtures across an entire building for applications using Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) or based on triggers from Building Control Systems (BCS). Order the -EM version for emergency mode to be pre configured, or enable/disable emergency mode for any XFAC unit with Avi-on Pro.

Color Changing Capable

Available with 2 0-10V outputs to control color changing (CCT) lights.


Select a part number from the table listed below
Part NumberSupply VoltageChannelsConfigurationRelay
AVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL1100 - 277 VACSingleClass 116 Amp
AVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL2100 - 277 VACSingleClass 216 Amp
AVI-XFAC-16A-2CH-CL2100 - 277 VACDual (CCT)Class 216 Amp
AAVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL1-EM100 - 277 VACUL 924 EnabledClass 116 Amp
AVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL2-EM100 - 277 VACUL 924 EnabledClass 216 Amp
AVI-XFAC-16A-ENERGYXFAC without Control Capability - Energy Monitoring of Circuit only

To order please contact Avi-on sales at (877) AVION-US or prosales@avi-on.com
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