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Located in beautiful Park City, Utah, Avi-on’s vision for Simple Bluetooth® Controls was born from the perfect mix of software expertise, engineering ability, passion for energy efficiency and experience in lighting and building controls. Never stopping, the vibrant Avi-on ecosystem is growing with new products and partners, providing easy to use solutions to commercial, residential, architectural and outdoor lighting markets.

Avi-on in Action

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Avi-on Movable Switch

Scenes at Your Fingertips

The Avi-on Scene Controller provides 4 scene buttons, 2 trim buttons to manually adjust the dimming, and a manual on/off button. Scene Controllers communicate to Powered by Avi-on™ devices causing them to switch, dim and select scenes. Scene name buttons are interchangeable, with typical labels available. Custom buttons are also available for large quantity orders. Contact Avi-on for more information.

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