The Avi-on
LTE/Ethernet Bridge

Avi-on LTE Remote Bridge


The Avi-on LTE/Ethernet Remote Access Bridge (RAB) provides secure 24/7 access to Avi-on Bluetooth Lighting Control Systems enabling remote commissioning, visibility to current device status, and capture of energy monitoring data (requires Avi-on energy monitoring hardware).  Allows connection via Ethernet (RJ-45).


Secure Remote Access Regardless of Local Network Access

Remotely monitor, commission, and support any Avi-on network with a single device per network, even if a local internet is not yet installed or is not accessible.  LTE connectivity is enabled by default to provide continuous remote access regardless of the local internet status.  Remotely configure Ethernet IP addresses and configurations as well.

Supports the Full Avi-on Command Set

All network configuration and management features are accessible remotely including device adding/removing from the account, remote device commissioning, diagnostics, remote control, and energy/sensor trigger data collection.

Flexible Remote Management

LTE/Ethernet RAB has full remote status management including cell strength, ethernet status, and RAB status.  LTE provides automatic back up to the Ethernet port to assure high reliability and automatic failover.  

Long Term Remote Support Included

Cellular service is included at no charge during commissioning phase.  Long term backup cellular connectivity also included at no cost.  Primary cellular long term service available at a nominal cost available in 1 and 5 year subscriptions

Avi-on LTE Remote Bridge Avi-on LTE Remote Bridge


Select a part number from the table listed below
Part NumberProduct NameConnection TypeSupply Voltage
AVI-RAB-LTELTE/Ethernet BridgeLTE/Ethernet RJ-4512VDC (AC 110-277 Supply Included)

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