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System Photocell

Product Overview

The Avi-on® System Photocell provides photocell based sunrise/sunset control of both lights and sensors. One System Photocell can control any number of lights in a location as long as they are all able to communicate with each other within the Avi-on network.

The System Photocell allows customization of the trigger light level to turn on/off from full sun to dark twilight. The initial dimming levels of the lights can also be set from the System Photocell.

The unit will also enable/disable Direct Connect™ motion sensors at the same time the lights are turned on/off.

The System Photocell kit is comprised of an Avi-on 12-24V LVFA with a special System Photocell firmware and an Avi-on Direct Connect Outdoor PIR sensor. A 120-277V to 12VDC power supply and Direct Connect cable are included in the kit.


Install the System Photocell anywhere within the Avi-on network. Choose a location indicative of the light level you would like the lights to respond to, point the sensor toward that area, and away from artificial light sources or auto headlights, preferably side mounted.

Mount the control unit inside a waterproof junction box and surface mount the sensor to the box. Mount the antenna base to the case through a 1/4” hole and connect the external antenna. Connect to a 12-24VDC power source or 110-277V power adaptor to an AC source.


A single system photocell can control networks of any size as long as the unit and the controlled devices are all within wireless range of each other. The sensor can control up to 20 different sensors and/or groups of devices. Fixture-mounted sensors will automatically be controlled by configuring to the lighting group.

Use multiple system photocells if you want different daylight trigger settings or dim levels for different areas, or if there are separated network areas.

System Photocell

Select a part number from the table listed below
Part NumberDescriptionApplicationColor
AVI-KIT-SYS-PHOTOCELLAVI-LVFA-12-24VDC-1CH-OA with System Photocell Firmware, AVI-DC- PIR-OA Sensor, 3ft DC Cable, 110-277V AC Power supplySunrise/Sunset Lighting & Motion ControlBronze
AVI-ASSY-SYS-PHOTOCELLSystem Photocell AssemblySunrise/Sunset Lighting & Motion Control-

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System Photocell

System Photocell Assembly


  • Daylight Range: 0-1050 LUX (0-97 foot-candles)
  • Dimensions: All components fit in a 4×4 single depth IP rated junction box
  • PIR Mounting: 1/2in (18mm). Threaded insert size: 0.80in (20.5mm) x 0.4in (10mm) tall. Thread plus supplied nut accommodates material thickness from 0 to 0.6in (0 to 15mm).
  • Color: Bronze
  • Weight: 4.4 oz (124g) -All components
  • Wiring: Direct Connect Cable: 3ft (1m) – included
  • Operating Temp: -22F to +158F (-30C to +70C)*
  • Storage Temperature: -40F to +185F (-40C to +85C)
  • Humidity Rating: 95% non-condensing
  • Programming: Via Avi-on platform. Mobile, laptop, remote, local.
  • Operating Modes: Sunrise/Sunset.  Lights on off at specified dim level, and/or sensors enabled/disabled
  • Maximum groups/nodes: Unlimited, 20 different groups or devices
  • Status LED: On motion detection.  Fixture light flashes on motion in test mode
  • Warranty: 5 years; 10 years optional
  • FCC: 2AFZI-AVI1010 B
  • IC: 20544-AVI1010 B
  • BQB:  D031801, DID: 86303
  • Controller:  UL  916, 2043
  • Sensor:  UL 916- Suitable for Outdoor Use, Rain-tight.   IP 67 (PIR Head external, when used with included gasket)

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