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An automobile factory in Fremont, California chose Thrive highbay lights with integrated Avi-on Bluetooth® controls to upgrade multiple buildings on their campus. High quality lighting and controls are essential to building an exceptional product. The Thrive fixtures with Avi-on on-fixture controls illuminate critical inspection areas where light quality and control are essential to ensure minimal shade and precise color in the work environment. The Bluetooth® fixtures were installed and commissioned in just a day by electricians with no special training. They are adjustable, as needed, by factory personnel.

The high bay lights from Thrive Energy, installed with Avi-on Controls, address the factory’s goals for high quality production, worker safety, and energy efficiency.

The patent-pending Typhoon High Bay LED Lights are also some of the most efficient available, offering 150-190 lm/W depending on model. By using high-end trim and selective dimming on high bay lights in the factory, energy is saved while preserving high quality, consistent light.

Thrive mounted groups of high bays lights on walls, angled toward work areas that may become shaded by overhead machinery. The innovative mounting, plus the zoning and dimming capabilities of Avi-on controls, enabled the space to be shadow-free and properly illuminated for employee comfort, productivity, and safety.

Easy to Install,
Easy To Use

With no networking equipment, gateways, or connections to the corporate LAN, each production area of 50 to 100 fixtures were installed and commissioned in less than a day by the on-site electrical personnel. There was no special training or control system technicians required. Factory personnel are able to adjust light levels and other parameters at any time through an easy to use iOS or Android mobile app.

Future Opportunities

The factory’s long term vision goes beyond optimizing production quality and productivity to include Avi-on compatible ambient light sensors to perform daylight harvesting in areas open to daylight. Avi-on compatible occupancy sensors will also be used to turn off lights when no one is present, for scheduling lighting for shift changes, and for planned work flows to both optimize factory performance and energy efficiency.

Fixture Integration

Thrive Energy Typhoon High Bay LED Lights integrate the Avi-on Bluetooth module directly into the dimming circuitry of the LED driver. The FCC certified module provides all networking and dimming functions in a single board the size of a thumbnail. Low power consumption supports full compliance with all regulatory requirements for standby fixture power.

Thrive Energy

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