Defense Contractor

Lima, OH

Ease and Energy Efficiency in Industry

This large, industrial, defense facility, with over 1400 fixtures, featured a warehouse, production area, and office spaces. There were several serious challenges to overcome in selecting a lighting and controls system:
  • The old lighting system was controlled by large 480V breakers, posing a danger to the staff and security issues.

  • The factory layout left no room to run conduit for lighting control switches.

  • Large CNC machinery covered the production floor, which for most wireless lighting protocols would leave huge dead spots and cause poor performance.

  • The highest levels of security for this DOD managed site required that there be no gateway or outside internet connection.
Avi-on was selected by this defense contractor because our battery wireless scene controller and mesh protocol were extremely responsive in a dense environment.

Products and system benefits

  • DDL Highbay and Flat Panel LEDs
  • Avi-on 2115UFL Relay Adapter with Relay Power Pack
  • Battery Scene Controller • PIR Motion Sensors
  • Easy to Install Wireless Controls
  • Responsive Mesh Bluetooth® Protocol
  • Gateway-free
  • DOD Approved Security

Simplicity in a Complex Environment

The Avi-on installation was able to adjust group sizes and control over 700 nodes on over 30 circuits with a single button press. The simplicity of the Avi-on setup made the highest levels of security possible without additional effort. Motion was configured for the walkways to cover high/low light levels and manage safe lighting with power savings. Avi-on was the only platform to handle all of the use cases without a gateway or IT rack space.

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