Distribution Center

Salt Lake City, UT

Large Scale

Control over 255,000 square feet of lighting and maximize utility rebates

This well-known Multinational Parcel Delivery Company selected ESP+ to install Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls in its 255,000 square foot distribution center in Salt Lake City. Because Avi-on is a Premium Wattsmart Business Vendor for Rocky Mountain Power, our customer was able to cover over 50% of the installation cost with rebates bringing the payback for the project under two years.

  • Avi-on Lighting Controls are flexible and easily changed. Distribution centers have many functional areas with different lighting requirements such as long aisles with pallets to the ceiling, as well as zones for packing, conveyer belts, shredding, loading, and storage. The customer chose Avi-on individual fixture controls to manage each part of the facility independently.

  • Avi-on Controls maximized utility incentives. The customer’s previous light fixtures were expensive to maintain and used a lot of energy. By specifying Avi-on controls in their new LED fixtures, the customer qualified for Rocky Mountain Power’s top tier retrofit incentive. 

  • Avi-on Controls are gateway-free, wireless, and scalable. Because Avi-on is easy to install and configure, there was no need to disrupt operations to run conduit for new wiring, or to get IT involved in set up.
Avi-on’s wireless control systems scale efficiently. In this very large facility, the customer was happy that we didn’t have to run conduit for new wires.
– Joe Ferguson, Account Executive, ESP+, Inc.

Convenient, Large Scale

Lighting controls for any project
  • For customers interested in easy customization and maximizing energy savings, Avi-on offers advanced lighting controls such as on-fixture or zonal control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy and IOT data monitoring.

  • Using a mix of these features, contractors can offset 40% to 70% of lighting retrofit costs in states that offer utility rebates.

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