Fuji Film

Lexington, MA

Easily Update to Meet Compliance Goals

Fuji Film came to Avi-on with a large segmented manufacturing space with 550 fixtures spread across two Class 1 clean rooms, as well as large spaces for testing and packaging preparation. The prevailing requirement was to keep the HEPA and Class 1 ratings which required that the ceiling space seal remain intact. Also, existing circuits were irregularly shaped, causing the need for additional fixtures to provide adequate light to all areas.

Avi-on's wireless controls eliminate the need to run new wiring. It is easy to reconfigure and optimize zones in lighting retrofits.

Products and System Benefits

  • Remphos LED Retrofit Kit
  • Controlled by Avi-on 2115UFL Relay Adapter with Relay Power Pack
  • Battery Scene Controller
  • Remote Head Microwave
  • Easy to Install Wireless Controls
  • Responsive Mesh Bluetooth® Protocol
  • Gateway-free

Retrofit with Occupancy Sensors

Remphos kits were used to replace the internal fixtures and the fluorescent replacement bars were easily retrofitted with magnet mounts to the existing frames. Avi-on relay adapters were pre-configured with retrofit kits for quick installation. Using our remote head microwave sensors allowed Fuji Film to keep the sensor in the sealed fixture and still cover occupancy in the spaces around heavy machinery. This allowed managed occupancy sensors to turn off unused fixtures in tape storage areas, walk-ways, and QA Labs.

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