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Simplicity in the Office

The wireless lighting controls of the offices of a major medical manufacturer lost a fight with their building’s Wi-Fi. The solution was to pull out the old system and replace it with Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls. Now the office lighting control system simply works.

The old lighting controls were based on the ZigBee specification. When the building increased the density of Wi-Fi users and end points in the building, the lighting controls experienced interference with in building Wi-Fi, resulting in the lighting system failing to operate reliably. Avi-on replaced the controls on 450 fixtures, interfacing with the existing fixture drivers, as well as replacing the wall switches. Avi-on’s Bluetooth® with Mesh network experienced no interference issues with Wi-Fi radios in the area.

The retrofit installation consisted of an update to the lighting controls on two building levels covering office space, including open cubicle areas and individual offices, and a research and development area. Avi-on used its 0-10V fixture adapters to connect directly to the existing 0-10V dim-to-off drivers and small 12VDC power supplies. Besides replacing the controls and wall switches, no other networking infrastructure was required. Expansion to cover the rest of the building campus (over 1 million square feet) is now underway

Easy to Install in Existing Fixtures

No central hub or gateway is required with Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls and the entire system is easily controlled with the handy iOS or Android mobile app. Avi-on advanced controls install directly into fixtures and feature scheduling, zone control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy monitoring.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Change

Avi-on’s innovations in Bluetooth® Lighting Controls provide the industry with solutions that are easy to install, easy to manage, and highly secure. Avi-on’s distributed wireless mesh architecture provides myriad benefits for commercial and industrial projects.

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