Discover Devices in a Room

Make sure you have downloaded the AVI-On Mobile Commissioning app and created a username and log in for yourself.  You  can then be added to the list of people who can access the location you are at.


 Open the App  Look for the Building with the ON below it.  You will need to sure you are logged in with your name and password to the location you are physically at.



Once logged in you will select the three lines at the top left of the screen and then select the Controllers tab.

On the Top right you will see the + symbol, Click it and it will take you to the next screen

It will ask if you want to look for AC devices such as the LVFA  Then you will select the ones that are in the room you are in.


Once they are claimed to the location then you can do several things on the screen.  First you can rename it by clicking on the pencil beside the name   We request that  you put the room number in and then a –  and leave the rest of the phrase in place.  You also have the ability to turn on and off the lights and dim them from this location.  This allows you to test in real time if the dimming and on/off is set up properly.You can see which group it is in by clicking on the group arrow.



Creating a Group


The next step you will need to do in the room is to create a group for just that room.  First you will look on the top right and locate the three lines and click on it.  Select the Group tab.


If you have other rooms set up  they will display on this screen.  On the top right you will see a + button.  Click it and you can add the room you are in.


Type in the room name and then hit the big Plus button.

When you open it the top panel will be blank and the bottom panel will have all the relays available both in the room you’re in and all the loads in the building.  Scroll till you find the room you are in and then press and hold the square that has the load you want and then move it to the top pane and release your finger.  It will be added to the group.  Once done with all the loads in the room, select back.

It will then show up as your named group and allow you to ramp up or down all the lights in the room.


Adding Switches

When you are ready to add the battery operated switches.  Go to the top right and select the three lines again and then click on controllers.


This time click on Battery powered.  Follow the instructions on the screen and the prompts.


Once you have added the switch then you can rename the switch by clicking on the pencil on the top right to match the room you are in.  Follow the same format as the room naming.   Room number – and then leave the rest of the phrases.  Next you will make sure it is set to Preset.  


Then you will select the arrow beside controlling.


You will then select the Group tab at the top and then select the room you are in. Once that is done then select back  on the screen



It will take you back to this screen where you will make sure the controlling line matches the room number.  Then select save in the top right.   It will then prompt you to press the switch several times.  Once it is done then it will return to the switch page and then you can select back  and test your work with the functioning switch.



Sorting Devices

From the Favorites page, tap Sort in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Press and drag your devices upward/downward in the order you want them to be listed. Then press Done, and that’s it! Your devices will appear back in the Favorites menu in the order you sorted them in.

How to create favorites