Add an RAB

Adding a remote access bridge to your network – The sure-fire process


Please follow directions PRECISELY, IN ORDER, NO CHEATING.

  1. Plug the RAB in within 10 feet of the ROUTER, but not closer than 5 feet
  2. Make sure that your GE bluetooth plug-in or in-wall is within 15 feet of the RAB
  3. Turn on the personal hotspot/data that is on your PHONE (NOT YOUR WI-FI/INTERNET)
  4. Pair your RAB with the PHONE hotspot. 
  5. Wait 5 minutes for the RAB to run through its set up (If you are able to pair the RAB with your iPhone, then the RAB is working properly)
  6. Unpair your RAB from the hotspot and RESET the RAB. Info below.
  7. Pair the RAB to your wi-fi using the correct ROUTER password
  8. If the RAB stops working, then the problem is that your RAB is TOO FAR from the first bluetooth device. You will need (a) move your bluetooth device or (b) add a device to fix the problem.

What do the lights mean?

The LED’s can tell you important details about the status of your RAB:

  • Double flashing Green: Wifi is not configured, or if it has been set up, the router or internet are down
  • Double flashing Blue:  The RAB is not configured to an Avi-on account
  • Solid Green: The wifi is connected to a router and the internet
  • Solid Blue: The RAB is connected to an Avi-on network

 What does the button do?

You can use the button for various resets:

  • Press quickly once (one second). This will refresh your current connection to the wifi router
  • Hold for 15 seconds: This will reset the Wifi and Avi-on network connections.  You can then add the RAB to a different Avi-on account
  • Note: If you hold the RAB button for 5 seconds by mistake, it will enter a debugging mode. If this happens to you, just unplug and re plug in the RAB.  There is no user accessible information from this mode