Setting Up

The all new Favorites capability gives users quick access to the devices and groups that they use most. The “Favorites” capability was designed to give users the ability to control devices and groups from the same menu.

The Favorites capability also incorporates a unique new “Sorting” capability that allows users to modify which devices and groups come first in their list of Favorites.

Adding Devices/Groups to your Favorites Page

Devices and Groups must be added to the Favorites page from their respective “Settings” menus. To get to these menus, start by entering the app drawer.

To access the app drawer, press the “three horizontal lines” in the upper left hand corner of the app screen. Note that these three lines are in the same location on many other screens within the app as well, so you can always press them to return to the drawer.

Next, click on Devices or Groups to access the device or group dashboard.

From either the devices or groups dashboard, tap the “three vertical black dots” next to the right of the device/group name you want to make a favorite. Or swipe from right to left on the device/group. Then press the pencil icon to get to the “Device Settings” (or Group Settings) menu.

From inside the “Device Settings” (or “Group Settings”) menu, tap the star underneath the device (or group) name next to the words, “Show in Favorites.” You will notice that the star turns white. That’s all it takes to add a device to your Favorites. The screenshots show this process for Devices, but the process is identical for Groups!

After marking devices/groups of your choice as Favorites, navigate back to the Favorites page by accessing the app drawer, and then tapping Favorites at the top of the list of items. You can then control your Favorites by tapping on them just as you would from the Devices or Groups menu.

Sorting Devices

From the Favorites page, tap Sort in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Press and drag your devices upward/downward in the order you want them to be listed. Then press Done, and that’s it! Your devices will appear back in the Favorites menu in the order you sorted them in.

How to create favorites