Lighting Controls for Healthcare
Lighting Controls for Healthcare

Facility Managers choose
Avi-on to maximize ROI

Avi-on Lighting Controls greatly benefit healthcare facilities by maximizing utility rebates, annual energy savings, productivity, safety, and convenience. Additionally, it reduces installation and ongoing maintenance costs, while offering flexibility to reconfigure lighting operations in spaces using software instead of requiring re-wiring.

Lighting Controls for Healthcare

Enhance well-being
with Avi-on lighting controls

When it comes to healthcare lighting, quality matters. Designing the right system should be simple to use and also enhance the well-being of patients. Avi-on creates intuitive controls with preset buttons for daytime and nighttime lighting, simple-to-use dimming, as well as schedules to dim automatically overnight and at quiet times. The simplicity will enhance healthcare lighting experience for staff and patients.

Gateway-free, Distributed Control

Gain optimal energy savings without a complicated gateway: no single point of failure, no extra cost/hassle, and no special network or panel installation

Flexible Control Strategies

Mix scheduled and sensor-based controls with no gateway required


UL 1376 Diamond IOT security rating + DLC 5.0 compliant for energy efficiency

Hassle-free Commissioning

Intuitive tools enable rapid setup and changes to any combination of sensors, zones, schedules, and scenes

IT-friendly Solution

Run stand-alone or use a cell modem to avoid corporate network integration

Control the Whole Property

Combine indoor and outdoor lighting control in one easy to use solution

Lighting Controls for Healthcare

Color-capable Controls

Use battery-powered wall stations or the Avi-on apps to wirelessly control CCT, circadian transitions and unique color tuning 

Optional Cloud Connectivity

Manage user access control, device configurations, remote diagnostics, and future reporting/upgrades with a robust, utility-grade platform and web application


Enhance the well being of workers and patients using Avi-on Dynamic Color Tuning, which creates the experience of natural daylight and improves well-being.

Avi-on Mobile App - CCT

Virtually Unlimited Coverage

Avi-on mesh provides worry-free wireless connectivity that grows with your needs for interior and exterior applications.

Lighting Controls for Healthcare
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featured products

The Avi-on family of products consists of load controllers, sensors, wall stations and connectivity products that work together in one big happy family.  Load controllers manage dimming, schedules, scenes, groups/zones and more while the sensors are able to detect motion with all new state-of-the-art features. These products work seamlessly with the Av-ion cloud to provide a robust wireless ecosystem.