Order Quality Control & Assembly Analyst


Avi-on Labs, Inc. is a wireless lighting controls company in Park City, Utah. Our Order & Assembly Center builds and ships lighting controls projects all over North America. Link to location is HERE.

  • 20 minutes from SLC at the Jeremy Ranch Exit
  • 100% in-office role working with fun, smart people on interesting technology
  • Team environment in a clean and modern office setting
  • Great digital tools and software
  • Small business with great opportunities to learn new things and advance quickly
  • Welcoming to international candidates who have authorization to work in the US

Avi-on Labs, Inc.
2700 Rasmussen Road
Suite L-10 (lower level)
Park City, Utah 84098


If you have the interest and skills, we would love to hear from you.



Avi-on is looking for some combination of the following roles. Great compensation packages will be based on experience, industry knowledge, and education.

Entry Level Roles

  1. Analyst: Order Quality Control & Assembly Analyst (full-time): degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical field, and/or 1 to 3 years of direct experience. Entry-level technical position with a path to quoting or field engineering (we call it “delivery services”). 
  2. Order Assembly Technician (part-time or full-time): great manual and mental dexterity that enables you to reliably assemble products and fulfill orders with attention to detail, quality control, and perfection. Ability to follow instructions precisely, and to QC both your own work and the work of others

Roles Requiring Experience and/or Education

  1. Team Lead: Order Quality Control & Assembly Team (part-time or full-time): 2+ years of experience plus a degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical field
  2. Manager: Order Quality Control & Assembly Team (part-time or full-time): 7+ years of related experience plus a degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical field
  3. Director: Order Quality Control & Assembly Team (part-time or full-time): 15+ years of related experience plus a degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical field

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: Park City Order & Assembly Team

Responsibilities vary according to skills of individual candidates. Compensation is commensurate with skills, experience, and availability. Growth opportunities available.

Entry-Level Responsibilities–everyone at every level will do this work

No experience required for entry level positions. Great attitude, reliability, and willingness to learn is essential plus an enjoyment of all things smart and electronic: phones, computers, software, mobile apps, and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Perform final assembly on products to convert them from WIP (work in process) to FG (finished goods). 
  • Assembly may include swapping buttons, applying stickers, doing firmware updates, wiring components together, testing, printing/packing product materials, boxing, taping, printing labels, and other steps
  • Growth potential: if you able to enter/update inventory listings in SOS
  • Extra growth potential: if you can manage the assembly inventory, plan schedules, and keep ahead of orders
  • Extra extra growth potential: if you can accurately manage, review, and enter orders in Freshdesk, plus provide customer service support on inbound orders or returns/exchanges
  • Excellent reliability and ability to maintain good humor
  • All roles are 100% onsite, every business day

Team Lead, Manager, or Director Responsibilities–title depends on industry experience & skillset

If you have worked at a Team Lead, Manager, or Director level before, then you may be eligible to start (or advance to) one of these roles. Experience requirements vary, higher compensation levels require more expertise and accountability. The more of the following elements are proven accomplishments, the more eligible you are to higher level titles and compensation.

  • Hands-on Role: Experience and interest in performing all of the items listed in “entry-level responsibilities above”. You will be doing everything that the assembly and order fulfillment staff does
  • Functional Coordination and Best Practices: Experience in coordinating customers, staff, process, inventory, and planning at a basic (team lead) to advanced (director) level. Application of best practices and managing to metrics to ensure perfect shipments and excellent internal and external customer experiences
  • Order processing fulfillment: Experience coordinating all aspects of order review, entry, fulfillment, and product returns with zero defects
  • Assembly coordination: Experience in coordinating all aspects of light electronics assembly, including staffing, training, and documentation, with zero defects
  • Planning: Experience in planning assembly and order fulfillment priorities, staffing and process. Ability to write documentation, train staff, and ensure that we have 100% perfect orders and assembly
  • Staffing & Training: Experience in recruiting and retaining great people. Owning the recruiting, training, and people management process including any/all job descriptions, interviews, and paperwork that goes with it
  • Training & Documentation: Experience in writing documentation and training materials from a blank page
  • Inventory Planning & Management: Experience in doing inventory planning, managing purchases of 3rd party products, and participating in manufacturing orders and QC on inbound orders. Ability to manage inventory to zero losses
  • For experienced technicians, team leads, managers, or directors we are looking for strong knowledge of low voltage systems and computer networking, ability to read and interpret schematics and technical manuals, proficiency in product assembly using hand tools
  • Additional skills: excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail, mechanical knowledge for repairing mechanical components in electronic devices
  • Teamwork, communication, and time management are prized
  • Excellent reliability and ability to maintain good humor


Avi-on offers competitive pay based on experience and skills. We pride ourselves on offering large company benefits packages with a small company environment. 

For full-time employees, the following benefits are available.

  • Health insurance coverage, retirement savings plan available after 60 days for workers that qualify
  • Paid time off and holidays for full-time employees

We look forward to meeting you!

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