Using My Account

The “My Account” page is a convenient way for users to manage and edit their account settings using an ordinary web browser.

You can access this by visiting

Follow these steps to login and navigate the “My Account” page:

First, to sign into your “profile”, you must enter the email and password that are linked to your Avi-on account.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to view the devices and groups that are linked to your account. You will also be able to see device/group schedules that have been previously created.

Clicking the “complete details” button located on the right side of each device tab will allow you to view additional information such as the schedule timing and days of the week.

Click on the “Profile” icon on the left side of your screen in order to access and/or change your profiles information.

Using the “Profile” screen you are able to edit the first and last name along with the phone number associated with the account. You may also change the email on the account as well as your password. Simply enter your new information and select “Update Profile” or “Update Password”.

If you do not automatically receive a verification email after changing the email associated with your account you can press the “Resend Verification Email” in order to send it again to the new email address. You must verify this email by following the link that you should now have received. Sometimes these verification emails end up in spam folders so be sure to double check there

To log out of your profile press the “Log Out” button in the lower left hand corner.