How Does sunrise/sunset Sync?

Does schedule turn on/off precisely at sunrise/sunset?

Avi-on calculates Sunrise/Sunset based on the geographic location of your devices at the BEGINNING of every month.

During the month, as the sun travels through the sky, the precise time of sunrise/sunset changes in your area. You will also experience sunrise/sunset differently depending on whether you are in the mountains or on the flat plains. Avi-on’s pretty smart, but we’re not smart enough to know that you live in a canyon.

When you pick a sunrise or sunset schedule, we calculate the  sunrise/sunset times based on the location of your devices for every month.  The device will automatically update to a new time every month.

PRO TIP: When you pick the sunrise or sunset, drag the other end of the schedule dial to set a “sunset until xx time.” The On time will adjust with the seasons but the Off time will stay the same. It is a great way to save energy by only using your outdoor lights when it is dark and you are awake.