Location Manager

Add Location role

  1. Enter the Location Profile screen.
  1. Click on the Manage Location dropdown (upper right corner) and then the Add User to Location button.
  1. Enter the user email, select the location role, and click Add User to Location.

Edit Location role from Location

  1. In the Locations screen, search for the location where the role is and click on the location cell to enter its profile screen.
  1. In the Users list, click on the role icon in the cell of the user whose role wants to be edited.
  1. Click on the User Location Role dropdown, select the desired role, and click Save.

Edit Location role from user profile

  1. In the Users screen, search for the user you want to edit the role and click on it to enter their User Profile screen.
  1. On the Location tab, click on the role icon of the desired location.
  1. Click on the User role in the Location dropdown, select the desired role, and click Save.

Remove Location role from location profile

  1. In the Locations screen, search for the location where the role is and click on the location cell to enter its profile screen.
  1. In the Users list, click on the trash icon in the cell of the user whose role wants to be removed from the organization.
  1. In the Remove User Location Role dialog, click on the Remove Role button.

user profile

  1. Search a user by name in the Users screen, or on a Location/Organization Profile screen in the users tab, and click on the desired user cell.

How To Manage Locations And Users With The Location Manager

The Avi-on platform operates by allowing users to associate their devices into specific locations to be configured. To become an Avi-on user, follow these steps:

  1. Create a commercial account using either the Mobile Commissioning app or the Mac tool called Avi-on Pro.

  2. After creating an account, you’ll need to establish a connection with a location. You can do this by either:
    • Creating a new location using any of the Avi-on apps.
    • Requesting access to an existing location from the location’s manager.

  3. Claiming your devices into a single location, creates an Avi-on network. This network enables you to commission your devices with the most advanced settings and the highest level of security available in the lighting industry.


  • Avi-on User Account: is an individualized profile for each Avi-on user. An account is identified by a unique username, which consists of a real personal email address and a user-defined password. One user can have access to multiple locations. Note: For existing users familiar with Avi-on, this is different from the previous setup. The some previous “Accounts” are now called “Locations,” which which are physical locations you can search for in the system, rather than an email login.

  • Avi-on Location: refers to the physical space that contains one Avi-on network. It’s possible to have more than one network in a space, but they will be listed as separate Locations in the Avi-on system.

  • Avi-on Organization: is a collection of locations and user accounts managed by a single owner. It can enable Single Sign-On user security models and allow for the large-scale management of many locations and user accesses. It’s available on a selective basis to qualified organizations.

  • Location Manager: is an individual with the authority to add or remove users’ access to a Location. Each Location can have multiple Location Managers, but must have at least one Location Manager.

  • Avi-on Role: refers to the relationship that a user account has with a Location or Organization. Lower roles may have limited capabilities or permissions compared to higher ones. Users can have different roles in different locations.

  • Avi-on Applications: are Avi-on software tools used to access Avi-on locations and commission or modify Avi-on device settings or configurations.

Digital Toolbox

  • Project Manager’s Checklist: Please use care when changing settings. Inadvertent errors might require paid support to correct

  • Avi-on “DIY” Mobile Commissioning App. Mobile app for smartphones or tablets available on iTunes or Google Play. Used to startup and support small, low-complexity projects under 150-200 nodes. The larger the project, the more likely you will need Avi-on Pro


  • Avi-on Pro for Mac: Mac laptop application available to qualified partners only from Avi-on. Pro requires purchase of Avi-on Pro Toolkit, a Small Project & Support toolkit (includes LTE Bridge), plus in depth training by Avi-on staff


  • Avi-on ZoneScanner App: Mobile app available only from Avi-on. Speeds project startup by enabling electricians to “scan and assign:” scan Avi-on QR stickers and assign those devices to zones. Saves time and money


  • Location.Avi-on.com: Website for location user management and location creation/transfer. Also may be used for personal account username and password changes and sharing ZoneScanner 4 Digit Codes to existing Avi-on users


  • MyAccount.Avi-on.com: Website used for downloading Avi-on ZoneScanner CSV for manual Zone import for username/password changes.Shows network status at the time of last connection (if there is no Bridge, that status may be years old). Not for system management, inadvertent errors might require paid remote or onsite assistance to correct