Setting up Alexa

Setting up Amazon Alexa

You are going to love using Amazon Alexa with Avi-on,

and it will only take a minute to set up.

1) Set up your Avi-on account and add your devices .  More info here.

2) Purchase an Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB)

3) Add your Avi-on RAB to your account and associate to your wifi router.  Instructions here.

2) Create the device, group, and scene names in the Avi-on Account.  These names will be linked with Alexa and will be the words she recognizes for all your devices and groups.  Anytime you want to update or change the names, do so in the Avi-on app.  The new names will be automatically syncronized within about 1 hour.  If you want to test them immediately, just go to the Alexa app and rediscover your devices.

For the best Alexa experience try to follow these best practices:

  • Use names that are easy to remember and fairly short and unique
    • Good:  “Kitchen Lights”
    • Not so Good:  “Downstairs Kitchen ceiling light on the left side front”
  • Try to avoid re-using the same word at the beginning for many devices.  This may lead Alexa to ask you to clarify which device you meant to request every time
  • Use groups and scenes to create larger categories of lights so you have fewer shorter names to remember

3) Download the Alexa mobile application to your phone

4) Log into the Alexa app using your Amazon username and password (not Avi-on)

  1. From the Menu select Smart Home
  2. Select Get More Smart Home Skills
  3. Browse or search for the Avi-on skill and select Enable Skill
  4. When prompted on the screen, enter your Avi-on username and password (not Amazon)
  5. Go back to the Smart Home section of the Alexa app, page down to Your Devices, and press Discover Devices.  It will take about 20 seconds.
  6. You will see all your devices and their names show up in the Alexa App
  7. If you have any problems getting the Alexa mobile app to work you can link over the web from:  You will need to first log into of web browser using the amazon account you are trying to link.

That’s it!  Start using Alexa!

Note:  You can change your device names at any time using the Avi-on App.  They will automatically update in about 1 hour, or Re Discover your devices in the Alexa App to update immediately.

We recommend using Avi-on for setting up grouping and scenes, rather than the Alexa grouping function.  This will improve the responsiveness of your commands and the lights will dim/on/off in a more coordinated way.