3 Year Phased Office Rollout Shows Dramatic Improvement in Avi-on Commissioning Time

At a major medical manufacturer, the existing wireless lighting controls “lost” a fight with their own building’s Wi-Fi as the controls kept interfering with the lighting controls system. The solution was to pull out the old system and replace it with Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls

The initial retrofit consisted of an update to the lighting controls on two building levels covering office space with open cubicle areas and individual offices, and a research and development area. The project has grown over three years years to cover the entire one million square foot campus indoors and out, including manufacturing, office, warehouse and parking, over 4,000 fixtures fully networked with no gateways.

The multi-phase project provides a great case study of the growth and maturity of Avi-on’s platform. 

  • In just three years, Avi-on has moved from 100% onsite commissioning to the capability of being 100% remote. 
  • Avi-on has also reduced the commissioning time per fixture by 96% by expanding the Avi-on Digital Toolbox to include both the Avi-on Contractor App and Avi-on Pro Commissioning App, as well as the efficiency gained from remote vs on site commissioning.

Even at 96% improvement, we are not done yet.  Look for more commissioning productivity enhancements over the coming months. View Project Feature.