Factory Reset

(Last Resort)

If you are having trouble connecting to your devices,

click here to read this information.

A) A factory reset forcibly removes the switch/device from the app and cloud. It leaves an “orphaned image” of the switch on the app. It also removes all programming (schedules, scenes, groups, etc.) from the switch.

  • To recover from a factory reset, you will need to re-ADD the switch to your account. 
  • Please IGNORE the switch on the app and press the big “+” button and add the switch to your account. Then, re-program any groups, schedules, scenes, etc. Directions here.

B) Here is how to factory reset your device–and we do not recommend it

If your phone is stuck on the “connecting screen,” DO NOT FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE. It likely that you forgot to do the firmware update that was published in August 2017. Please follow these instructions. Again, do not factory reset your device.

The factory reset is only useful in two specific situations:

1)  I want to move a device from one account to another and I don’t have access to the current account.

2) I purchased a new device, and despite being powered on, it does not show on the add device screen.  You can tell this with GE switches if the LED indicator is solid blue or off (not flashing) and you have not added the device to your account yet.

3) Please note that if you purchased a Zwave or Zigbee device (a GE-branded box with GREEN or RED stripes), then you need to return it and purchase a GE-branded product with a BLUE stripe for bluetooth. Zwave and Zigbee are NOT compatible with Avi-on.

PRO TIP: If you are having trouble with any other aspect of your system, a device reset will not improve the situation, and in fact will require you to add, rename and reconfigure your devices unnecessarily.

A device reset erases the switch from your account along with all its settings (such as schedules, groups, and scenes)


To perform a device reset.

  1. Plug-in or power the device.
  2. Hold the button down on the device for 30 seconds. (See specific device instructions below.)
  3. The device’s LED will blink in sets of two to acknowledge the reset (note that the Outdoor Switch does NOT have a status LED)
  4. If the light does not blink–repeat this process–hold the button longer.
  5. Once the switch is reset, it will no longer belong to your account. You will need to use the app to claim it back to an account, and then program it normally.

So which “button” do you push to device reset?

  1. White Plug-in Switch or Dimmer: There is a button on the top of the switch (also used for on/off/dim). Press and hold for 30 seconds until the LED blinks twice.
  2. Black Plug-in Outdoor Switch: There is a rubber button on the top of the switch near the power cord (also used for on/off). Press and hold for 30 seconds. There is no LED on the switch.
  3. In-wall Switch or Dimmer: Press and hold the BOTTOM of the paddle (the OFF) for 30 seconds until the blue LED blinks twice.

Avi-on devices are members of a secure network. In order to prevent other people from using your products, once they are claimed to your account, no other phones or tablets can “see” them.

When you do a device reset on your device (as opposed to removing from your app) the switch will be removed from the current account but under your account will still show your device. The device will need to be removed manually from your account in addition to the device reset. If the LED is blinking or visible in the + claiming screen you can add it again to an account.

Factory Reset Videos